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Nail Services

Type of Service
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Regular Manicure
Regular Pedicure
Regular Manicure & Pedicure
French Manicure
French Pedicure
French Manicure & Pedicure
Nail Polish Change - Hands
Nail Polish Change - Feet
Nail Polish Change - Hands and Feet
Feet Scrub
Hands Scrub
Nail Art
Gel Manicure
Gel Pedicure
Gel Manicure & Pedicure
Nail Repair
Acrylic Nails - Regular Extension
Acrylic Nails - French Extension
Acrylic Nails - Extension Removal
Gel Polish Removal - Hands
Gel Polish Removal - Feet
Callus Removal
Paraffin Hand Treatment


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Nail Art Services at Home

Nails are part and parcel of your hands’ beauty and your overall appearance. The healthier and stronger they are, the more beautiful your hands will look. Healthy nails start from a healthy diet. Water, fruits, salmon, leafy greens, eggs, whole grains, and nuts are full of nutrients that support the growth of your nails and their strength.

So, how to know whether your nails are healthy or not? There are some signs of healthy nails, for example, you will see that nail plates are pinkish-white, and cuticles are existent. On the other side, splitting nails, horizontal grooves, and the tiny white spots on your nails are all bad signs of vitamin deficiency, anemia, dryness, and stress. In this case, you will need the expert nail care! 

S Home Services offers you the chance to easily book nail services and beauticians to do your nails at home.

Though it’s sort of easy to apply nails polish by yourself, you will still feel the need to get those perfectly-manicured nails. The S Home Services app saves you the time and effort you spend at the nail spa or the beauty salon waiting for your turn to get your nails done and gets you the nail salon at your home instead. All you have to do is downloading the app from Google Play, or the Apple App Store.


Choose the Nail Services category from Beauty for Women, then select the nail service you need. It will be added automatically to your cart. Continue the easy booking experience by entering your location, and the preferred date and time to get the service. Once you’re done with that, proceed to the checkout page and then voila! You’ll see a list of beauty salons that provide home services in your area. Compare the prices and read the reviews to help you make a choice. Click on the selected service provider’s icon and confirm your booking. The staff is committed to arriving at your doorstep on time.

Now, let’s have a quick look at the nail care services available in the S Home Services app.

  • Manicure and Pedicure: Mani-pedi services come in different types; they can be regular, gel, or French. Regular manicure and pedicure represent the usual shaping and filing of nails along with applying the ordinary nail polish. While in French manicure you will get the tip of the nail polished in white and the rest of the nail is polished in a nude color. Gel polish is a long-lasting polish and stays with high shine and without cracking or peeling.
  • Nail Art: It represents decorating and embellishing the nails in creative ways. Beauty specialists perfectly paint and draw different patterns and shapes on your nails. 
  • Nail repair: Do your hand nails look perfect except one of them? Nail repair service is there to fix your broken or semi-broken nails.
  • Paraffin Wax Treatment: The paraffin wax moisturizes your skin, removes dead cells and relieves pain. Enjoy this magical hand treatment at home now only when you download the S Home Services App!
  • Nail Polish Change: Remove and change your nails polish, whether it’s a regular one, acrylic or gel.
  • Callus Removal: Callus is a hard and thick skin that usually takes place on the foot. It can be caused by unfitting shoes, or unequal distribution of weight, on the bottom of the foot. Get rid of the uncomfortable callus with S Home Services.
  •  Hands and Feet Scrub: Get smooth and soft hands and feet when booking the scrub services via S Home Services.