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There are multiple methods of removing unwanted body hair such as plucking, depilatory creams, laser, threading, and shaving. Excessive hair can be caused by hormones, genetics, certain medications, and some medical reasons…etc.

Girls usually struggle to figure out the best hair removal method. They keep trying to find the most convenient and effective way. One of the easiest, cheapest, and common hair removal methods is shaving. However, shaving doesn’t leave you as soft as waxing, and its result doesn’t last as long as the waxing results will.  You may think that shaving saves you time and effort, however, you’ll need to repeat the same process again and again in a short period of time. Shaving makes your hair look thicker and the removed hair usually grows again within a couple of days.

Removing hair using laser is so costly in comparison to the other hair removal methods. Threading and plucking are used for removing unwanted hair on a small scale and very limited areas like facial areas. When it comes to the face, shaving won’t be the best method to resort to. Face waxing is more safe and quicker. Depilatory creams are known for causing some side effects like allergies, skin irritation, chemical burns, darkening the skin…etc. Besides, and similar to shaving, hair removal cream effects don’t last for to­o long.

Due to the above reasons and more, waxing is considered as the best hair removal method nowadays. It’s affordable, long-lasting, and kind of quick. The wax is applied on the skin and quickly pulled away by waxing special strips to take out the hair roots/follicle. Waxing gets you soft skin. It also exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin.

Waxing can be a good choice for men too, especially grooms-to-be, who need to remove excessive hair from some areas like their back and underarms.

So, do you have any important event where you need to wear a short dress and look soft? Need to remove the unwanted hair but no time to visit the salon? The S Home Services platform saves your time and efforts by offering you comprehensive beauty home services that include waxing. Download the app now from Google Play or Apple Play Store and enjoy the easy booking experience. All you need to do is selecting the Women category under Beauty, then you’ll be able to see multiple sub-categories such as Nail Services, Hair Care, Skin Care, Massage and Waxing.

On selecting waxing, you will find different service items to choose from. These items include half arms waxing, underarms waxing, full arms waxing, half legs waxing, full legs waxing, bikini waxing, back waxing, chest waxing, stomach waxing, in addition to the full-body waxing option.

Choose the service you need and it will be automatically added to your cart. After that, you need to enter some important information, such as your home location, and the preferred date and time to get the service. Then, proceed to the check -out, where you will see a list of beauty salons in your area that can provide home services and waxing at home. Check their prices as well as other customers’ reviews to be able to compare and make a choice.

The professional beauticians will arrive at your doorstep at the specified time. They will bring all the waxing materials you need such as the waxing strips, waxing heater, and the wax itself. They are committed to keeping the process highly-hygienic and keeping the place clean. After the waxing is done, the beautician will apply special oils to remove any sticking wax and to moisturize your skin.