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Initiated in India, Iran, and China, threading has been one of the most famous hair- removal methods, especially throughout many long years. It is a popular method in the Arab countries and many Middle Eastern countries too. Threading not only removes unwanted facial hair but also helps in shaping and defining eyebrows and beards. Beauticians enjoy shaping with threads because it offers the flexibility and complete control over the hair, which in turn gives accurate results, unlike facial waxing that comes with pre-shaped and straight wax strips. Threading is used mainly in removing facial hair only, as it can help with small areas of the skin.

In threading, soft cotton threads are folded and twisted back and forth to pull the hair out. A professional beautician knows the right pressure to apply while using the threading hair removal method. The pressure amount and the direction of pulling the hair out matters in the size and extent of pain you feel.

Threading has multiple advantages, first of all, it’s a natural hair removal method. Unlike hair removal creams, no chemicals are included or applied onto the skin during threading.

Second of all, it’s a quick hair removal method, as in plucking you have to remove hair by hair. Threading allows beauticians to do both; remove a row of hair and controlling individual hairs at the same time. Also, it’s a safe way of hair removal, especially for those who suffer from skin irritation due to waxing or hair removal creams.

Moreover, the threading results are long-lasting, unlike hair removal creams and shaving. Also, it causes the hair to grow finer and decreases the growth of it over time. Shaving and hair removal creams are famous for strengthening the hair follicle and causing rapid growth. Threading is an affordable hair removal method. It causes no mess and leaves your place clean without any sticking substances on your face or your chair.

Many guys like having clear and clean cheeks without excessive hair too. For men, threading helps in defining their beards.

Do you have an important event and want to get a glamorous eyebrow shape? Are you afraid that if you try to pluck the unwanted hair by yourself, you won’t be able to get the precise shape you need and it might go completely wrong?

S Home Services website and mobile application are here for you, we will enable you to book the best beauticians and threading artists in your area. You don’t have to waste your time anymore waiting for your turn at the beauty salon.

All you need to do is heading to the beauty section and choose the Threading sub-category. Then, select the threading service you need. Through S Home Services you can book eyebrows threading, upper lip threading, chin threading, sides threading, full face threading or get packages like the upper lip and chin threading.

After selecting the required threading service, your selections will be added automatically to your cart. Then, you will need to enter your home address, as well as specifying the preferred service date and time.

On the checkout, you’ll see in the results a list of professional and trusted beauty salons and barbershops that offer at-home beauty services in your area. Check the reviews of the other customers, as well as the prices and offers. Compare and choose according to your preferences and proceed with the booking. The booked beauticians will arrive at your home on the determined day and time. S Home Services deals only with verified companies and salons, to ensure your satisfaction with the home services experience provided through us.