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Henna is a distinguished and ancient art that dates back to India, the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa and the countries of the Middle East in general. Henna is extracted from a natural plant called Lawsonia Inermis that’s is also known as the henna tree. Henna is used to color hair, nails, and to decorate the body, especially hands. Henna is also known as Mailanchi in Malayalam and Mehndi in Hindi.

The henna leaves turn into powder after drying, milling, and sifting. Then this powder is mixed with several liquids to turn it into a paste that can be used by henna artists to draw, using a syringe or a plastic cone.

There are two main kinds of henna; natural and unnatural henna. Natural henna consists of the powdered plant, in addition to natural liquids such as water and lemon juice, as well as natural oils like tea tree and lavender oil, while the other types of unnatural henna, like black henna, include artificial and chemical substances, these products are harmful and can cause skin burns and irritation to many people, that’s why it’s important to deal with trusted henna artists who use original and good-quality henna.

Many henna types are there for different tastes and cultures such as Moroccan henna that is characterized by geometric shapes and straight lines, and Arabic henna which is characterized by motifs, thick and thin lines, with wide spacing, in addition to Hindi henna which is characterized by being flowery with many rich details that cover the whole hand. Henna is sort of a temporary tattoo. One new temporary tattoo trend is Jagua Gel. It’s extracted from Jagua fruit, so it is considered natural and safe. Jagua Gel is similar to henna and it is used to draw on the body and lasts for a long time.

Some people don’t adhere to traditional henna styles. They use henna to get unusual drawings on their bodies like favorite superheroes, animals, names, and words. There’s also white henna, however, it’s not made of the henna plant, as natural henna has a dark brown/reddish color, but white henna is common and used to adorn the body too.

Girls are keen on getting henna tattoos on different occasions, such as Eid, Diwali, and of course henna nights for brides-to-be. Henna night is a party held, usually at home, where the bride-to-be invites her family and friends one or two days before her big day. They celebrate the wedding event and hire a henna artist to adorn their bodies.

You can remove henna in several ways, such as: mixing olive oil with salt, baking soda with lemon juice, anti-bacterial soap, whitening toothpaste, coconut oil with raw sugar, hair conditioner, and more. It’s temporary and doesn’t harm your skin.

If you have any event coming up that requires henna drawing, or if you just want to change looks and decorate your body, book professional henna artists through the S Home Services website or mobile application. S Home Services deals with trusted henna salons to guarantee your satisfaction and skin health.

All you need to do is selecting the Woman category under Beauty, then select Henna. You’ll find different options like hand henna, arm henna, leg henna, and body henna. Choose the henna you need and enter your home address, as well as the preferred date and time to get the service. On the checkout, you will see a list of beauty centers and henna salons that provide beauty services at home in your area. Read the reviews of other customers, compare the prices, and make a choice according to your preferences.