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Elderly Care

Seniors are the fathers and mothers, the aunts and uncles who were full of energy one day and took care of you unconditionally. Today, watching this energy fading day after day, and seeing them growing older, with bigger needs for more help, and seeing them hardly speak or move, can be heart tearing for a lot of us.

Not only do the elderly need physical care including preparing meals, bathing themselves, moving, standing up, and sitting down, but also, they need great emotional support, they need to feel loved and still significant. The hardest job can be letting them feel confident about themselves again.

Now, it’s our turn to take care of them as they used to do.

However, you may be unable to give them the time and care they deserve due to your full daily schedule of work, house chores, and kids. You shouldn’t let your long to-do-list make you forget about those who made you their first priority years back.

The good news is that we are here to help you make that balance, and avoid feeling guilty towards them. We will help you get proficient home nursing and elderly care services for your family seniors at home in just a few clicks.

S Home Services is a comprehensive platform that offers professional services at your home such as Cleaning, Maintenance, Pest Control, Beauty, and IT Services. Along with these services provided to help you with getting the housework done, we didn’t overlook your personal needs, and your health, that’s why we launched a new category called My Health. Under this health category on the website and the mobile application, you will find 3 main services which are Home Nursing, Personal Trainers, and Medical.

To book home nurses and caregivers for the elderly, Select Home Nursing, then choose Elderly Care. Fill in the form with the required details, for example, determine the qualification of the service provider (a nanny, a nurse, or a caregiver). Caregivers will accomplish housekeeping tasks, feed and bath the senior as well as support them emotionally, while a nurse will have medical experience to provide home health care and deal with different circumstances, for example, they will administer medication, measure vital signs, and also help with the daily activities that can’t be done by the elderly.

Next, specify the gender preferences of the service provider, also provide us with a brief on the medical condition of the patient and their needs like: Can they move? Are they suffering from any specific disease that should be considered by the service provider? …etc. In addition, please write to us about the required nursing days; the number of days per week and name them. You may also tell us about the preferred nursing time (night, day, or full time).

Once you click “Submit”, your request will be received by various service providers in your area who specialize in integrated home nursing. After going through your request, the companies will contact you and provide their quotations. You can then compare the rates and choose the best offer for you.

Our partner service providers are keen to provide you with friendly yet professional home nurses. They are well trained to deal with male and female seniors with different medical conditions and psychological cases.