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Eid Party & Eid Gatherings

Eid is the perfect occasion to meet with your family and friends and celebrate the auspicious day. We all have those childhood sweet memories made during Eid holidays. Remember when Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles used to give gifts and money “Eidya” to all the family kids? It was the most awaited moment by many of us. All young people in the family used to go out to the malls, clubs, and cinemas to watch Eid movies, and a box of Kahk was placed on every table in your house?
Today, you can make more enjoyable and special memories with your family and for your kids. Don't waste the holidays resting in bed and watching TV. Do something special, gather your family and friends as our families used to do. 

Wondering how to plan a perfect Eid party?

S Home Services is your right destination! We are offering you the chance to communicate with the top Eid event planners in Dubai and throughout the UAE, with no charges at all. You can now plan any event for your corporate or personal occasions.
Whether it's Eid Al Fitr or Eid Al Adha holidays, we've got the top Eid event planners registered with us. You can easily communicate with them and get special proposals through S Home Services.
All you need to do is filling in the above form with your budget, the number of guests, Eid catering description and other details.
Event companies will check out the request and get in touch to discuss your Eid party in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah.