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Pest Control Services

What Pest is in Your House/Office?

Regardless of their size or type, pests can be your worst nightmare. Bedbugs giving you sleepless nights, mosquitoes that harshly bite you, and the creepy cockroaches all around your kitchen are just examples of what you may face. Some pests can cause serious damages to your furniture and clothes, also they are more likely to carry infections and diseases to you and your family.

The most popular pests that you probably have in your house are cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, and bed bugs. Spraying the pests usually won’t get you the results you wish for, it can be a temporary solution; however, you won’t be solving the problem radically.

You can apply some prevention procedures such as covering your food and sealing the leftovers in plastic bags, cleaning up your place regularly, getting the water leaks fixed, checking for pests in bags and boxes before carrying them to your home.
On the other side, pests will be attracted to your place if they can hide, eat, and stay hydrated, therefore uncovered food, moisture, humidity, and shelter are the main reasons why pests would enjoy their stay at your home.

Book Pest Control Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

It is time to say goodbye! We are here to help you get rid of the most annoying pests in your home, garden, and office.

S Home Services is a comprehensive platform that makes your daily life easier and helps you keep your home/office pest-free. Through the S Home Services mobile application and website, you will be able to book Dubai Municipality approved pest control companies, by which you will get reliable pest control services along with a warranty.

Choose among the above sub-categories and write to us with your request. Enter your contact details and the address of your home/office, then click “Submit”. Pest control companies will receive your request and reply to you with their quotations. Compare and choose the best offer. Our partner pest control companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have rich experience in dealing with each pest type. They use tested and eco-friendly products, and can easily detect the pest type and source.

There are some precautions that you should be aware of when you book pest control treatments, for example, you need to make sure that you keep away the cooking utensils, remove bedsheets, keep your kids away from the treated spaces, in addition, you should inform your neighbors in order to close their windows and doors...etc.

The available pest control services provided through S Home Services include combating insects, reptiles, and rodents. Insects include flies, bees, ants, grasshoppers, mosquitoes, termites, and cockroaches. While reptiles include snakes and lizards. Rodents include rats, mice, and gerbils.
Choose the pest control category depending on the home/office/garden pests you have.