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About Us

Based in the UAE, S Home Services is a convenient home service online platform that makes your life easier. We help you find top-notch service providers anytime and anywhere in the UAE including AC services, beauty, car services, cleaning, events, electronics, interiors, laundry, maintenance, pest control, and moving in…etc.

We know how small things can waste big time and ruin your days. We know how it feels when the AC stops working during the hot summer and it needs immediate maintenance, and when you are working from home and the laptop screen goes suddenly black with no display.

Whenever you need to fix the AC, replace the gas cylinder, repair your TV or mobile phone, plan for an event, clean your house, or wash your car, we are always there for you!

Home Services like never before

Our platform covers whatever you might need at home and offers one-click solutions for your daily home problems in the UAE including dry cleaning, carpets and curtains wash, furniture cleaning, home appliances repair, event management, home nursing, hair and facial care, mobile and TV repair, Laptop repair, wall painting, plumbing, AC maintenance, pet care, tailoring, shoes and bags repair, and so on.

How does it work?

All you need to do is to sign up, specify the location of your property and then filter the results by category and sub-category. You will be able to find numerous options to choose from.

We only connect you to professional companies and qualified service providers that will take care of your home needs like plumbers, house cleaners, interior designers, electricians, technicians, carpenters, gardeners, event planners and photographers across the UAE. You can always find options within your budget.

Save your time and money, elevate your lifestyle, we’ve got you here all that you need.

Because we know what home means to you, our service providers are always at your doorstep

Benefits to Home Service Providers

Professional service providers are welcome to join our online business portal. Today, people tend to choose easy and fast ways to solve their problems, that’s why S Home Services, the most renowned home services gate in the UAE, ensures your business growth, winning new markets and finding opportunities that strongly contribute to the growth of your company and boost its income every day.

Reinforcing your income starts by enforcing your online presence

S Home Services is a trusted name and a reliable platform with a wide database. You can definitely expect daily leads coming from S Home Services users across the UAE.

We offer you a big audience reach and impeccable technical support.

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